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- quijote - 05-17-2003

I recently made a trip to Sam's in Chicago, and one of the wines I was on the lookout for was Ritratti Pinot Grigio. Sam's didn't have any in stock, so sort of on a whim I decided to get a Terlan Alto Adige 2001 PG. (I'm not sure, but I may have read about this on a 30-second Wine Advisor e-mail.)

Has anyone had this? What is it like? Most of the PG I've had so far has been pretty unmemorable, so I'm hoping this will be different.

- Innkeeper - 05-17-2003

Are you talking about Sam's Club or another Sam's? Sam's Club has been carrying the Ritratti at a price below Foodie's wholesale. Not familiar with the Terlan.

- Thomas - 05-17-2003

is-wine phased out Ritratti wines. Good wines but, if the producer or distributors want to make big deals and give the product away to big stores--they can go right ahead. There are many other wines out there for me to discover.

- quijote - 05-17-2003

Ah, this was the Sam's Wine and Spirits superstore in Chicago--sorry for the confusion!

- stevebody - 05-17-2003

Stick an "o" on the end of that Terlan and you got it. Apart from that, sorry, it's not packin' anything to distinguish it from most other PG's.

Suggestions: Teifenbrunner's basic bottle, St. Pauls Alto Adige, Mercato, Livio Felluga's spendy one or his Esperto, and the Inama. All fine.

- quijote - 05-20-2003

Aha! Or shall I say "oh!"? The front label has "Terlan," but the back label has "Terlano"; as a student of Romance languages I shudda figured it out, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. And I was hoping it would be a good one, but I'll save it for a summer day's picnic. I'll look for your recommendations.

- Thomas - 05-20-2003

quijote, perhaps the back label was done that way to make people understand that the wine comes from Italy, but maybe the real name is Terlan. In Alto Adige, Italians and Austrians are mingled quite readily. Many names do not end in vowels.

- quijote - 05-20-2003

Hey, maybe you're onto something there, Foodie--sort of like the Tramin/Termeno origin for Gewurztraminer.

- scimmiatinit - 05-22-2003

You are right...

Terlano = Terlan

Tramin = Termeno

ALTO ADIGE is a "special" region. Bilingual ..even if it's easier to find someone that doesn't speak italian rather than one that speaks perfect german!

A great place to visit anyway!

Nice people nice places...