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- hotwine - 08-25-2006

Another bulk buy at Costco, they had stacks of the stuff, suggesting they had bought a distrib's close-out inventory.

Capsule was intact and loose, promising no leakage due to heat. Deep red in the glass, no cloudiness at all; sound fruity nose, no detectable heat damage; bright red fruit on the palate, good typicity for Asti, with a lip-smacking moderate finish. With a Friday night omelette of shrooms, red peppers, shredded cheese. 14% alc/vol and $7.79 per. One box won't be enough.

- Innkeeper - 08-26-2006

Bottom feeding is my favorite sport.

- hotwine - 08-26-2006

Same here, IK. But it can be hazardous to your wallet around here in the summer; have tried two newbies in the last month that were both cooked.

- hotwine - 08-26-2006

Second bottle tonight, with her cabbage lasagna. Same rich fruit, same notes on nose and finish. Dee-lish! With luck, we'll do the same tomorrow night (I dearly love her cab. lasagna).

- hotwine - 03-15-2010

Took to friends' house last night for our Sunday night group gathering.... with the hostess's chicken and pasta in a cream sauce. Delightful! More like a 30-buck jug than a less-than-8-buck loser. Still have a bunch.