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- hotwine - 02-19-2004

D informed me yesterday she was planning to prepare the cabbage lasagna again last night. A search of the database showed no Barbera d'Albas present. Off to Costco yesterday for other stuff, and a scan of the wine bins turned up this one which rang a faint bell or two. Grabbed a few and had one with dinner, and my oh my! Dee-lish! Found IK's notes on the '99 from two years ago at, and the Speculator's review in their archives from last November in which they gave the '01 a 90. Good judgement on their part. Back to Costco today for a couple of boxes. All of $10.99 per bottle, and I left one bottle in their display box. Soft fruit and enough acid to handle the tomatoes in the meat sauce and a nice amount of alcohol which she guessed correctly at 13.5%. As the great one used to say, "How sweet it is!"

- hotwine - 02-20-2004

Still trying to characterize the flavor profile.... some damp earth and overripe berries on the nose, overripe plums and a touch of raisons across the palate with a hint of basil. Somehow reminded of the German liqeuer Asbach Uralt, but have no idea how that krept in there. Gorgeous finish that truly completes the meal. I need to go on buying these like they were war bonds.

- Thomas - 02-20-2004

That is the kind of description that makes me love Barbera from Alba. It is right on--except for that German Liquer thing, which I ain't never tasted in my (ahem) short life!

- hotwine - 02-20-2004

The German juice, clear as water, had a hint of juniper berries to it.... mountain cedar, in these parts. But I just went our and grabbed a few laurel cherries at the gate, and those when bruised are probably a more accurate comparison.

The Ruvei really is a beautiful wine, as IK posted a couple of years ago. Plan on finishing the bottle at lunch, since I've got to play wine steward at another of her artsy soirees tonight.