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- TheEngineer - 10-20-2006

WOW....This was a bit of an much power....

Color was a deep purple black, nose was very restrained, very tight but deep red fruit. The nose hide the power of the wine behind it....It just grabbed my mouth and had its way with it.....

Aromatic, vanilla, tobacco, cedar, then tons of deep fruit, berries, raisins, and a LARGE grip with high acidity and this a barbera?? The perceived high alcohol gave this wine a very rounded mouthfeel. It was not a thick wines, but a very intense wine.

woo...I think I need to rest.... About $50 a bottle.

(time passing ...... imagine any standard movie special effect to show passage of time, the clock spinning, the weather advancing, etc) after a few hours, this thing settled down a bit. Still pretty intense though. This wine needs air. I wonder if it will degrade fast...update tomorrow.

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- TheEngineer - 10-21-2006

Yup, everythings calmed down a bit to be a nice wine. Very fruit and dense in flavors still. I guess I never thought about decanting this wine. I'll never underestimate a Barbera again!

- TheEngineer - 01-19-2008

Sames notes as above, no movement, still pack a wallop of tannins. love this thing and might need to leave it alone for a while longer.

- winoweenie - 01-19-2008

Love them dudes wif' backbone and restraint. [img][/img] WW