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- winoweenie - 02-09-2010

Another mystery wine. No ideer where this sucker came from. Light ruby with bricking on the edges. Like roses the week after Valentines Day, the nose and mouthfeel have faded. Not completely gone but probably peaked 2-4 ago. 84. 13.5% alc. WW

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- Kcwhippet - 02-10-2010

What's with this "mystery wine" stuff? Isn't that high tech inventory control system working? You were so proud of it when you showed it to us when we were there.

Incidentally, we have some of that juice here in the 2001 vintage for $96 a pop.

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- winoweenie - 02-10-2010

It CERTAINLY is'nt the system. I'd wager some cad slipped in the cellar whenced I weren't lookin'!WW [img][/img]