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- jrubbel - 01-15-2001

I am going a 1991 Brunello Altesino for about $20, but I want to know if 1991 was a good year for the Brunello and if Altesino is a well known (good? i know it depends) wine?
When I bought it, should wait a few more years or is it perfect to drink now?
Can someone give a advice?

Thank you

- winecollector - 01-17-2001

I'm not familiar with your specific Brunello, but if memory serves me correctly 91' was not too great for most wines that came out of Italy in general. I'll see if I can look up some info on your specific wine, and try to get back to you in a few days if no one else does. Since it was generally a poor vintage, your best hope is that it came from a good producer, and was an exception.

- RAD - 01-17-2001

Altesino is indeed a premier producer of Brunellos, especially form the Montesoli vineyard.

FWIW, Wine Spectator ranks the 1991 at 89; good I'm sure, but probably paling in comparison with the great 1990 vintage.