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- dananne - 07-09-2006

One of our Willamette favorites, this was the first '04 we've popped. Very aromatic nose of black cherry, bacon fat, and some earth. Decanted for 30 minutes before 1st pour and through evening. Color between ruby and garnet. Lush black cherry fruit flavors come on in waves, turning over to darker fruits and the finish has some cinnamon and spicy prickliness. Anne thought it finshed a bit hot, but I didn't notice any heat -- just that spiciness on the finish. Alc. only 13.9%. This has an awful lot going on right now, but you can see how the components are going to come together with some bottle age. I'll sit on the '04 for another year, maybe two, then pop them over the next 10. Nice wine. We paid too much for it, because it's almost impossible to find in Atlanta (we'll buy more at the winery next month). Should run just under $40, but we paid $50.

- TheEngineer - 07-09-2006

Thanks for your notes! I got a case of the 04's downstairs based on your recommendation last time. Sounds great!

- wondersofwine - 07-10-2006

It does sound good Dan!

- TheEngineer - 10-06-2007

Still holding on pretty much as you noted DA. It might have lost a bit of the lushness but no other difference to your note.

- Shamrockchef - 10-20-2007

06' just got to the store in halffies and 750's. Tried the 04, 05, and now the 06. The 06 is going to be a stellar wine after it relaxes for a few years.

- TheEngineer - 11-26-2011

The last of the six pack was consumed during thxgiving dinner. This thing has certainly evolved. Sweeter than I remember it to be, smoky and tobacco. Very very mellow. Super smooth. Certainly needs drinking now but it was still an interesting drink.