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- Drew - 04-26-2009

Nice QPR here. Varietal correct, tastes like a pinot [img][/img]. Some strawberry, touch of cola and tea. Good acidity and structure and has a long finish. What more could one ask of a $8.99 Pinot? 13.8% Alc/vol.


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- wondersofwine - 04-28-2009

I agree with your assessment. Good QPR.

- Drew - 04-28-2009

and what makes it better is that I just bought a case @ 20% discount making the final bottle price at $7.20 per... [img][/img]


- Innkeeper - 05-27-2009

Ours’ cost $11.99 up here, but we think it was worth it. We had a bottle tonight with chicken thighs in a slow pot with tomato, soy, brown sugar, and some spices; pilaf, and peas. It was delicious.

- Drew - 05-28-2009

Bought a second box on the way home yesterday as this is our go to daily pinot...same price.


- dananne - 05-28-2009

Will pick up a bottle when I stumble upon it, and I'll follow-up with thoughts in my QPR Pinots thread above! Thanks for the heads-up, as we're always game for another daily-drinker PN!

- brappy - 05-30-2009

I've got a bottle to give.... want it? let me know where to send it....