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- brappy - 06-01-2006

It was almost difficult tasting a Pinot with a bunch of Aussie shiraz, cabs, and grenaches. However the nose on this wine quickly dismissed any problems. Tons of fruit on the nose; mostly red if not just a touch of blue fruit. The palate had much of the same but add some barnyard funk and a touch of cream, but just a touch. That may be the wrong word to use but a touch of some sort of malo. The finish stayed with me for some time. Outstanding Oregon Pinot.


- brappy - 07-26-2006

Opened another of these beauties today. Not much to add except the fruit is extremely concentrated. That's something I didn't notice the last time as much. The wine needs more time, or at least, I believe it will improve over the next 10 - 15 years.

Until the next one......