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- Jerry D Mead - 01-03-1999

The clever suggestion to call this America OnWine, while having some appeal, makes Jackie very nervous. It is so close to you-know-what that it might get her sued. Not to mention that it's not the best marketing, as folks might just assume that it's an AOL thing because it sounds so similar.

One idea that might get your juices flowing (play on words intended) could be: VINTERCOURSE

Oh well, maybe not.

Or how about WINE WHINE at

Probably too negative.

BEST WINE FORUM?...which is what we strive to be?

Well, you get the idea. Don't just be cutesy or clever, but try to think of a name that will communicate a desire in others to check it other words a name with some marketing potential. Giving credit where due...Food & Drink Network....Wine & Dine Online...both accomplished just what we need a name to do.

To be continued,

- Botafogo - 01-03-1999

How about "Wine for Scuzzies" after the popular periphial (O)port(o)!

- Bucko - 01-03-1999

CyberWine Forum.


- CBailis - 01-03-1999


- SteveZ - 01-03-1999

Toast the Coasts (or something along that line)

The Vine Line

The Wine Line

Wine Time

Friends in Wine


Cellar Dwelling

Stellar Cellar

Cyber Cellar
Jackies Cyber Cellar

In the words of RCK12: "It's Time For Wine"

Vat Chat (which happens to suck, but bad suggestions can be fun [img][/img]

Port of Call

Port in a Storm

Life is a Cabernet

Decant find a better wine board [img][/img]

Defanetly the best wine board [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]

24 hour wine time

Grand Cru Wine Crew
The Grand Crew

Cuveeing our thoughts [img][/img] Stupid, but I had to write it down!!

The Fine Vine

The Online Vineline

Jackie's Yackies [img][/img]
Jackie's Lackies [img][/img]

Tales from your Cellars

Cyber Sediments

Boardelais (pretty stupid once again [img][/img]

Ok.....obviously I am losing it!! It's time for .......bed [img][/img]

- Bucko - 01-03-1999

CyberGrapes Wine Forum

- Jackie - 01-04-1999

Personally, I'd love something with a reference to "wines" (as in

I also kind of like simply The WineBoard -- as in BB and as in (thinking of you all) board of directors. That's WineBoard not WineBored. [img][/img]

- Jerry D Mead - 01-04-1999 sounds pretty good to me.

A combination of Bucko's and Steve's suggestion might work, though a tad long...
as in

Gotta say the WineBoard says it all tight and sweet and should be easy to remember. Anyone know of any prior use?

Also, if Jackie does do a restaurant board or folder at some point, it would be easy to tag it

I hereby nominate I hear any seconds?...any reasons not to use it?...any last minute better ideas? (because I sure haven't come up with any)


- Guest - 01-04-1999

How bout D'vine Notes, D'vine gossip, D'vine Board.


- CBailis - 01-04-1999

Seconding the WineBoard (with hopes of a Dine Board to follow). Good call, Jerry. Steve, the WineLine was the name of a wine shop owned by Arnold's cousin. It was sold recently but lawsuits do happen.

- Peter Hirdt - 01-04-1999

Jackie and Jerry suggest "TheWineBoard", which I think is good. But I have to ask: Why no spaces between the words?

I know it's 1999, and it's rare that anyone markets anything with proper spelling and punctuation anymore. But do you really gain anything by using the name "TheWineBoard", instead of "The Wine Board"? I can't imagine that's the case.

There's a whole generation of kids of think 'through' is 'thru'; 'night' is 'nite'; and 'Boyz2Men' is, well, never mind. You get the point.

I know, I'm just a cranky old guy who spends way too much time woorying about this stuff. But I think it's worth at least a mention.

The Grammar Curmudgeon [img][/img]

- Woodman - 01-04-1999


Definately not the Spelling Curmudgeon.


- Woodman - 01-04-1999

FWIW, I agree with Peter, here. Completely. We (America) have all become too cutesy in how we name things.

- WA Wino - 01-04-1999

I would drop the 'The' and call it just Regarding spaces, you can use them in URL's to the best of my knowledge. It would have to be wine-board or wine_board, which is just another unneeded keystroke.

- EPICURUS - 01-04-1999

Is the name also an email address (in place of webmaster, or an alias for the moderator who might be JDM)? I ask this because of the @ and the comment about spacing. If it is not an email address in addition to be the moniker of this forum, a nonmember could be confused.

However this question is answered, I vote for some variattion of The Wine Board

- Jerry D Mead - 01-04-1999

It appears the name will be "Wine Board at," with e-mail addresses to be determined later.

I'm pretty sure the web address will be: - but for now continue to use the forum address, which will continue to be valid for the foreseeable future, even after the Wine Board address is instituted.


- Enophile - 01-04-1999

Splendor in the Glass

Cork Dorks

The Wine Thieves

- LAWDRO - 01-05-1999

As the original proponent of America On Wine, I'm naturally a bit disappointed as it seems to be a logical fit.

As for AOL complaining, hell, I'd take our case over theirs in a heartbeat. Not especially good for their case is the fact that they DROPPED the wine boards and their affiliation with wine. If need be, I will run this proposal past a friend who practices intellectual property law.

As an alternative, Wine Across America might work; as would The Cyber Cellar. Of course, with the latter we'd probably get a lot of hits from people expecting to find leather masks and dripping hot candle wax...

- Ashby Lawson - 01-06-1999

Heck, that kinda sounds like a tasting note [img][/img]...

[This message has been edited by Ashby Lawson (edited 01-05-99).]

- EPICURUS - 01-06-1999

Splendor in the Glass is great! However it is taken. It's the name of my company which will shortly be blazing brightly in cyberspace.