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- winoweenie - 03-27-2007

This hummer musta' fallen thru the cracks as this is the 1st I've opened. Lite, brite ruby. Nose heavy on the straw-rasp side of the berry spectrum. Sweet spices with some barnyard copming on. All hit the palate. Nice entry weighty center and a ver credible 4 lapper finish. Still has some soft tannins to resolve. Maybe another 2-4. A solid RRV pinot from Tom. 90/90. 40 on futures. 14.4% alc. WW

- winoweenie - 07-31-2009

Yesterday at the club BRW brought his last bottle of this beauty and it has really raamped up since last tasted. Nose has expanded with loads of berries, straw and blue, and sweet spices plus leather notes. BRW is heading to Nassau to play father to his only girl-child at her wedding. Leaving Sat morn and will be lounging on the beach burning his lil' round frame to a medium-well for a week before the festivities.
We also had the 2 Quinta Cruz(SCM) bottles I posted on last week...the Touringa and the Graziano. Definately kick the Dehlinger up to a solid 91. WW

- winoweenie - 01-26-2010

Opened another for lunch yesterday. Has shed the last of its baby fat and tannins and is DOTOIG.Great entry, nice weighty center and the finish has ramped up to 4&1/2 laps. Nose has developed more of the wet leaf, barny stuff. Nice welcome back to the ranks of the drinking public. Kick this lovely up to a 92+. WW