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- dananne - 05-10-2008

We picked this up at the winery on our '06 trip to Willamette. Scott Paul has a nice space in a converted grainery in "downtown" Carlton. As they've also begun to import Burgs, this was the only one of their own wines that they poured in the tasting, which has to be the oddest thing I've ever encountered at a winery. Nevertheless, it showed well against the French wines, so we picked up a bottle.

Bright, clear red in the glass, with a nose that suggests tart, wild strawberries. Those flavors are evident, too, with some cherry pie and piney notes. A touch of vanilla on the finish. Somewhat more acidic and light than what is usual for Oregon these days. I thought it was just pretty good, though Anne was much more fond of it. The fruit had been significantly more round and forward when we tasted it at purchase, so I'm wondering if it was in some sort of transitional phase. With the acidity, you'd be inclined to think it could age well, but I'm not sure if the fruit will be there to hold up that end. So, if you've got it, pop it in the next year or so. It's the only one we bought, so I won't be able to take another look to see if it's just in a phase. Alc. 13.9%. We paid $38. FWIW, WS 89 and WE 90.