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- winoweenie - 05-31-2007

Another example of the fallacy that US Pinots wont age like the great French Burgandies. Lovely brite ruby with a trace of bricking. Nose of forest floor, plum, strawberries, with a hint of mushroom. All hit the palate along with some silky, elegant notes of the other berries, rasp and cherry. Lovely ripe tannis need another 2-4 to complete this elegant package. Killer juice. 94/96. 30 on futures.14.5% alc. WW

- winoweenie - 08-07-2009

Opened the last bugger for lunch today. Wow!!! what a bottle of juice. Not much to add to the equation with the exception that there's life after 6 years for some RRV Pinots. The Swans', SCMVs', and Dehlingers are living liquid that there are many new world bottles that equal the old world stuff whenced it come to the ageing thing. Methinks it may have a lot to do with the provenance just as I suspect that the prevalence of TCA is related to storage. This juice has to be elevated to classic staus. Make it a solid 95. WW