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- winoweenie - 10-04-2006

A newbie to me but if this is any indication of their winmemaking skills they'll be well represented in the cellar for meeny yars to come. Brite ruby. Reluctant nose at first but after 3/4ths of an hour the fruit came on like gang-busters. Spices, plums and a whiff of moss came thru. All came over on the palate. Nice creamy entry, solid center and a 4- lapper finish. Lots of structure that needs another 4-6 to round this hummer out. 90/88. 44 by the box. 14.2% alc. WW

- dananne - 10-04-2006

We had the '02 Sonoma Coast bottling, which was just OK -- big cherry flavors, though. The Failla single vineyard ones are supposed to be fantastic, though. We're sitting on an '01 Hirsch for about another year or so. Will look for this Keefer, and thanks for the notes!

- Kcwhippet - 10-04-2006

Failla is owned by Ehren Jordan and his wife. His winemaking skills are well known from his work at Neyers, Marcassin and Turley Wine Cellars.

- winoweenie - 12-12-2006

opened another of these for lunch yesterday. Coming along nicely but needs time. No change in scoring. WW

- dananne - 12-12-2006

Thanks for the note update. Still sitting on the '01 Failla Hirsch Vineyard. It's on the list for consumption in the coming months.

- winoweenie - 05-02-2007

Had another of these dudes for lunch yesterday with a lovely mild Italian chicken sausage sammich in a low carb whole-multi-grain whrap. Handled the job very swimmingly. Nose is improving but not enough to change the scoring. WW

- winoweenie - 07-04-2009

Popped another with the Copper River Salmon yesterday and has this dudie come around. Nose has added the warm toasty horsey notes, the juice has added weight on both the entry and center and all-in-all has become jis' downrite pleasurable drinking. Still a few straggling tannins show up on the finish but really close to peaking. Nice stuff. Kick this hummer up to 91. WW

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- winoweenie - 10-11-2009

Did a repeat on both the wine and the entre for lunch yesterday. A killer pairing and this dude just keeps on keepin'-on. All areas of this bottle seem to flesh out more with the additional time in bottle. Putting the 06 version of this sucker in a bin as soon as me peddlar can gits him in. No change in scoring. WW

- winoweenie - 12-07-2009

Revisited this lovely for lunch yesterday. It's definately ATTOIG. Think this may have been the last of the box. This cats' got some claws. Glad the 06 be sleeping safe from harm in weeners cellar. No change in scoring. WW