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- winoweenie - 11-05-2003

An old favorite winery that's now buying some grapes down south. Lots of stuff to like in this bottle. Berries out the kazoo with some spicy, red and black cherry fruits maixed with a lovely raspberry nuance. Way too much complexity for this price. Happy Thanksgiving. WW 88/93. 10 by the box

- Drew - 11-05-2003

Good, googily, moogily....never heard of or seen this bugger, will look for it.


- newsguy - 11-06-2003

my regular shop had this as their red wine of the month a while back. with thanksgiving coming up, i was thinking about giving it a try (along with the Castle Rock PN also recommended on this board, and a Chateau Maltroye Bourgogne Rouge that the shop owner is raving about.) all three are '01s and selling at $9.99 per. sounds like a fair fight. thanks WW.

- dananne - 11-06-2003

I, too, will give this one a try -- thanks for giving me a heads up about it.

I got turned off by the '99 that I tried about a year ago that was quite bad. Had a decidedly fishy thing going. My tasting notes on it read "Welcome to Cap'n D's!" (which is what the wait staff shout at you upon entering "Captain D's," -- the fast food, Long John Silver's type of restaurant around here). Because of that experience, I skipped the '00. I'll take the rec and give the '01 a try!

- winoweenie - 11-06-2003

D-babe, I din't post on the 99. That was probably Buck-snort. Can assure you the 2001 be keen!. WW

- quijote - 11-15-2003

I saw this in a store today, remembered the praise it received here, and my wallet went to work....but it cost $14!

- quijote - 12-01-2003

We drank this wine with our Turkey Day beast-feast: mesclun w/ raspberry vinaigrette, turkey breast w/ o.o. and herbs, oyster-chestnut dressing, garlic mashed potatoes, and brussels sprouts in mustard sauce. Delicious, but it labored like a trooper in the shadow of the Prosecco that we had consumed right before. I've only had about a dozen Pinot Noirs to date, but this was the first I've really liked enough to consider a repeat purchase.