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- dananne - 05-30-2009

We decided to open a wine from our favorite producer to celebrate the last day of my school's regular school year (though I'll be doing administration work all summer and working with the little ones in their summer camp, it still will seem like I'm on vacation most of the summer). Anyway, this vineyard is unique as it's actually owned by Wright, who built it from scratch. It's in the Yamhill-Carlton District in the Northern Willamette Valley.

Decanted at first pour and left there through evening. A murky purple in the glass, with a nose of crushed raspberries, forest floor, and violets. Flavors of syrupy raspberry fruit, juicy acidity, and some lithe tannins to hold it together. Finishes just a touch sweet. Very round in the mouth, despite the acidity. A very nice wine, but not the best we've had from Wright. I found fault with the sweet finish, though it didn't seem to bother Anne. Meanwhile, she detected an olive note that I didn't notice. So, in short, we were both happy to have had it, but we've glad that we filled the cellar with '05 Wrights from other vineyards. Alc. 13.5%. We paid about $45 locally. Steep, yes, but the better Oregon PN aren't cheap anymore, so we're getting used to paying more. Not that we like it, but we like Oregon PN, so we've got to suffer the price tags. FWIW, a WA 91. Let the summer begin!