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- dananne - 08-06-2007

With the '06 ordering time here, I decided to crack an '05. This one was great fun to drink, with gobs of crushed red and dark berry fruit on the nose and tongue. Deep reddish-purple in color, and the heat was turned down (13.8%, which is quite reasonable). Finished with jammy goodness. Good acidic balance -- was not fat or flabby. Nice stuff from a stellar vineyard source. $44 on mailing. Verdict was "Yum" from Anne, so we'll probably buy the '06 Garys'. Still sitting on the '04 Garys', but we'll likely start popping in the coming months.

- winoweenie - 03-07-2009

Opened another of these hummers last nite and was surprised that it had developed as qickly into maturity as it had. Nice brite ruby color. Nose had plenty of mature red and black fruits, a tad of barny, and nice sweet spice. All come across on the palate. No signs of tannin but definately not in decline. Great effort from the mity Brian whom I met last week at the club during the lunch hour. Agree with Anne there Dan'l. 'Tis a yummy bottle. 90/90 WW