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- wondersofwine - 04-12-2010

I decided it was time to open a couple bottles of 2006 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir. First I opened the Sonoma Coast, listed at 14.8% alcohol. Dense dark purple color. Black cherry nose. Dark fruits also on the palate with a rich, lush texture and a suggestion of extraction from the skins. Rather big and bold but "bearing fruit." Second day it was showing more "Pinosity" with some floral petal notes and mild pepper spice. Becomes more enticing as it airs and warms to closer to room temperature. More transparency as the amount of liquid in the glass diminishes. I will be interested in seeing how it compares to the Kosta Browne Russian River Pinot Noir. I would give this 91-92 points.

On the third day with a little of the Sonoma Coast KB still remaining, I opened a 2006 Kosta Brown Russian River Valley Pinot Noir for comparison. Listed at 14.9% alcohol. Deep magenta color. Slightly lifted, higher register note than the Sonoma Coast sister wine. As I popped and poured the RRV wine, I prefered the Sonoma Coast but I will aerate for 30-45 minutes and compare again.

Still prefering the Sonoma Coast offering (to my surprise as I usually favor RRV PN.)
I find some dark-skinned plum in the RRV wine, also forest or pine needles as a minor contributing note. Paired quite well with Canadian bacon and smoked Gouda cheese; not quite as well with English Cheshire cheese.
I would give the RRV wine 88-89 points.

Not sure I would repurchase either at their price and have dropped off the mailing list.