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- TheEngineer - 10-17-2006

I've never purchased a "real" Meo Camuzet before but this price was definitely approachable so but still not cheap at about $40 a bottle.

Brilliant color and brightness yet very dark purple garnet for a pinot. Fresh fresh juicy red fruit, berries and cherry like just crushed. Very spicy mainly from the wood? which was ample... This wine opened up like a fruit juice but overtime gained a lot of weight. Tons of acidity and still a lot of tannins but smooth and in the background. Good round smooth mouthfeel. Not sure that if I had to pick a $40-50 pinot that I would pick this one (Roumier is still my favourite in this range....heck....maybe even double it) but a reasonable alternative for the price. maybe just needs more itme in the cellar?

- brappy - 10-17-2006

I you would, what else does it say on the lable?

- TheEngineer - 10-18-2006

Actually nothing much adds the standard Méo-Camuzet Frères & Soeur and that it is a negociant from Vosne Romanee in Cote D'Or. Otherwise a relatively blank label.

- wondersofwine - 10-19-2006

I attended a Meo-Camuzet dinner with Jean-Philippe (am I remembering the name correctly or was it Jean-Paul?) Meo at Nora's in DC a few years ago. I liked several of the wines and was going to buy some at Macarthur's in DC--that is until I saw the prices. I thought the wines were high priced for village level and as expected, the premier cru Nuits St Georges was beyond my budget. The N-S-G "Murgers" was very nice and the N-S-G "Brulee" also received good reviews. We didn't get to try the Richebourg unfortunately.