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- deslexia - 03-27-2003

could someone please help me ?? I have been given a bottle of Chateau Chevalier de Pressac , Saint Emilion Grand Cru 1994
Could anyone please give me some information on this as I am baffled and cant find anything out
Thanking you
DES it definately is Chevalier ??I have seen many chateau names that are similar and still cant find the actual vinyard , but thanx for the feedback . I got it from a person who cleared out a bankrupt haulage firm in England , It was part of a millionaires unclaimed private stock Thanx DES

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- winoweenie - 03-27-2003

Hi there Dislexia and welcome to the board. You had me thrown there for a wile with the St. Emilion Grand Cru tag but deciferd you must be talking about the Domaine de Chevalier from Graves. 94 was not kind to this estate so would open this as soon as possible while there may still be some fruit.WW

- Kcwhippet - 03-27-2003

Chateau de Pressac St. Emilion Grand Cru is a $15 dollar Bordeaux meant to be drunk fairly young. Don't know a Chateau Chevalier de Pressac.

- winoweenie - 03-27-2003

Sorry KC dint' see the "R". Thot he was infering the Pessac district of Graves as that houses the Chevalier Domaine. WW

- Kcwhippet - 03-27-2003

Not quite the same as a Pessac-Leognan.

- winoweenie - 03-28-2003

Unnerstand KC. Where did he come with the Chateau de Chevalier de Pressac? WW [img][/img]

- Kcwhippet - 03-28-2003

Beats me. I've never heard of it. Help us out here deslexia.

- winoweenie - 03-30-2003

Could it be his monicker tells it all? WW