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- TheEngineer - 05-21-2008

This is the second wine of Leoville Poyferre. Wow...if this is the second wine, the first wine must be incredible.... I've tried this at a tasting before but this is the first bottle that I've opened.

A beautiful, pure deep garnet colour, opaque but bright. Nose was reserved even with decanting so fairly closed at this point in time but did give a rather elegant nose of dark berries, new wood, some hints of spiciness. On the palate, much the same, wine has not come together just yet with distinct alcohol pushing through, but overall, very nicely ripe but full- body, great balance, nicely mouthfeel (though the tannins were not as great as I thought that they would be. Good long finish, slightly sweet at the beginning but that went away and the wine gained quite a bit of weight with time in the decanter.

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