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- TheEngineer - 11-23-2008


2000 texture of ripeness, very muted nose, very dark in color but,.... very tart and bad herbal, almost corky but no nose of cork......maybe it was a bad bottle, maybe it was all the Halls I've been sucking on all day.... from a 375 mL and met the bottom of the drain... I have one more half bottle, I'll try that just to make sure ....

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- TheEngineer - 04-04-2009

Second bottle was much more like it! Definitely evolved but the ripeness is there, though mildly subsided. It gives the wine a serious sense. Enjoyable as a wine but WAYYY to evolved for an 00. Fortunately this was my last bottle that I picked up a few months ago. I suspect less than stellar storage conditions for these babies, combined with the 375ml format.

- winoweenie - 04-05-2009

Didn't buy any of these dudes en primuer so can't comment. So far, I haven't had any 00 that wasn't killer. WW