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- glass - 11-11-2006

Bought a Chateu Du Lucat (AOC Bordeaux) a few weeks ago for a 'wacky' price of US$4.9/bottle.. Was my first introduction to Bordeaux.. Enjoyed it to the last drop.. Unfortunately (not surprisingly), it was gone the next couple of days (I saw at least 3 crates, and still hitting myself on the forehead on my 1 bottle purchase).. The roundness, body, aroma and colour is just wonderfully balanced and each shined itself in it's on way.. Berries, apple (?), woody and sweetness to name a few things that I picked up.. Perhaps othes have tried it ? I would recommend it if you are wondering about it.. Been searching the local wineshops for signs of them, unfortunately still no progress..

- Kcwhippet - 11-11-2006

Where did you find it, and why didn't you get more later?

- TheEngineer - 11-12-2006

What year ws this from?

- glass - 11-12-2006

I bought it of a duty free shop in Jakarta (Indonesia).. I came back 2 days later but it was too late [img][/img] .. I can't remember the year, but I think the year was 2003.. It was really a 'catch'.. Was wondering if they sell it in other countries and if others have tried it.. Will stay on the lookout for them here..

- winoweenie - 11-12-2006

"Here is Where?". WW