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- wdonovan - 02-02-2005

I posted this in novice and got no information. The question is about late harvest botrytis wines in general and the effect of time on the fullness of the wine. Maybe someone here can help.

We just uncorked a 375 of '96 (I think) Madonna BA and it was one of the thickest, fullest late harvests we've drunk in a while. The confusion came when I read the price tag at $13.25 American bucks. I know I didn't buy this more than a year (or two) ago and it hadn't survived the store since '96 so .... I was wondering why it was so cheap and so good. My theory is that time has actually enrichened this wine because I just can't believe that a BA this full could be that cheap. Can time have that kind of affect on a late harvest or is this just dumb luck?BTW I have one left.

- winoweenie - 02-02-2005

This is my 2nd reply to your question. I answered your original post on the Novice thread. Have you gone to the Port,Fortified, and other Stickies thread and gone back a year and looked at the postings? This should help also. WW

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- wdonovan - 02-02-2005

Thanks, Winoweenie. I did read your post. Originally, it pointed me to a "sauterne" forum which I'm sure you reallize now, doesn't exist. I see that you edited your original post to read Port. That does exist. I will ask there. Sorry for your trouble.