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- Beezers2 - 05-18-2004

I read a newspaper review recently about a Bordeaux called, I think, Villereal Red or something like that. I must have the spelling wrong because I cannot find it online. I am trying to find out where I can buy it. The local wine stores do not have it. Has anybody heard of it?

- hotwine - 05-19-2004

Welcome to the board, Beezers. Try locating the newspaper article in their on-line archives, or even call the wine/food editor and pose your question. There are thousands of wine producers in France; although I can't find one with the name of Villareal, there are others that might sound somewhat similar, such as Les Tourelle de Longeville or even Ch. L'Evangile (the former is an ordinary red Bordeaux priced at about $30, whereas the latter is a Pomerol going for about $160; both are the '01 vintage and prices are from Spec's in Houston). It can really get frustrating trying to play guessing games without the name of the wine. If you have that, you can check for a retailer.