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- TheEngineer - 01-27-2005

I think this one was a bit early too. It's a bit strange for me and unlike 2000's, this is not tannin king.

It was a bit soft with some fruit, green peppers, and flat in that the acid appeared to be low

There was a good sense of oak with strong sense of leather, almost gamey. Medium body.

The reason why I said it was strange was that at the start, the nose was rather nice wood/cedar sense with some spiciness and a bit of a grassy/herbal scent.

Overall, a bit disappointed but maybe because it was only my anticipation. Paired with a medium rare porterhouse broiled to perfection and a mushroom side. Worked well but could have been a bit better if there was a bit more acid to clear the palate.

- Kcwhippet - 01-28-2005

Here's some notes on that one from a reviewer in the UK. He gave it a 15 (out of 25).

Dark ruby colour. The nose was weak and slightly vegetal. Medium bodied on the palate bit lack overall ripeness. Forward oak on the finish. Disappointing.

- TheEngineer - 01-28-2005

Yay!!! I'm 've got to learn the brevity part! While I know that palates are different, it good to know that at least when they are bad, then I'm not missing it.

I like writing good brief summaries in part because I feel if my descriptions are too long, then they are overly descriptive and I lack the knowledge for that.... New direction in learning....TN's within 5 sentences!

But while I didn't stop drinking it, it certainly was disappointing.

- winoweenie - 01-30-2005

I passed on the 98 vintage for the very reason you described in the Beycheville. Found the same trouble with several other classified growths so, as I wasn't out of wine, I said "El Paso" to the vintage. You derned sure don't have to make any apologies for your descriptors TE as I've found them solid. WW