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- hotwine - 12-14-2004

This is a Cru Bourgeois from the Haut-Medoc. Dark ruby in the glass, a nose of chocolate and raspberries, showing soft calf's leather and a bit of cigar ash on the palate; moderate finish. Throwing a lot of sediment, so highly recommend decanting for an hour. Ready now but should hold for a few. With beef pot roast, baked spuds, baby peas and baby carrots boiled with a cup of water, two pats of butter and 1/4 cup of maple syrup. 12.5% alc/vol and $15 per. A nice go-to, cheapo Bordeaux. Suspect it would shine with escargot. I'll buy more at that price.
(Given the vintage, it could be a close-out; the price on release can be $35.)

- hotwine - 12-15-2004

Had another last night with ribeyes, spuds & spinach. Very nice indeed. More ribeyes tonight, but went to the Sarget de Gruaud Larose.

Happiness is a cellar with at least modest depth.

- hotwine - 04-02-2006

Revived this old post for an update. Hadn't tried this cheapo since late '04, and needed a wine to accompany smothered steak, mashers, mixed veggies (cauliflower, broccoli) & garlic bread.

No real change; good strong fruit, very subdued tannins, no heat at all. If anything, could have used more acid, given the tomatoes and onion she used to smother the little cutlets. May try an Italian with leftovers tomorrow night - a Barbera or Barolo. Nothing wrong with this Haut Medoc, though, and it's probably at its peak. Very heavy sediment posed no problem.

- wondersofwine - 04-15-2006

I see that Calvert-Woodley in DC is offering the 2005 vintage of this for $149 by the case and $14 per bottle and calls it an excellent (in bold type) value. (That's a futures order--of course it's not ready for release yet.)

We were glad to visit our friend Francois Nony at his home and our tasting at his chateau re-confirmed what we already knew-that his 2005 is very good wine. Our first tranche allocation sold through and we were able to buy more, and at only $149 for a case ($14 per bottle) this represents an excellent value!

James Suckling of "Wine Spectator" in his recently released 2005 vintage barrel tasting report, said the following:
"Lots of berry and chocolate character with hints of vanilla. Full-bodied, with a solid core of fruit and silky tannins. Impressive. Almost hard to believe, it's so good. Almost 92-94."
89-91 points

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- winoweenie - 04-15-2006

Just ordered a box of the 1st of the 05 Petites from Vintage, the Ch. Petite Bocq. Loved the 00 so at 205 futures per box will give the lil' baby a look-see.WW

- oostexan - 05-04-2006

I have to second the TN's posted here. Just had my second of this bottling, and would echo all of the specifics and might add that there is a touch of pepper on the tongue, and a little tar. Overall, a very good bottle.

I think it is very cool that a 16 dollar bottle of wine can age for 10 years and show so well. Needs an hour to open up. Gotta love these types of bottlings, wish I had purchased more. I think this baby has reached his prime, I noticed a tiny bit of browning on the edges in the glass.

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