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- afroman - 05-25-2003

Hello wine lovers,

I recently won a case of Les Carruades Des Lafite '99 in a competition. I have been assured it has been stored correctly and i am storing it in a wine cellar belonging to an in-law. I dont know much about wine and ws wondering if anyone knows anything about this wine and would like to share their knowledge with me.

Damen S

- hotwine - 05-25-2003

Spec's in Houston currently has it for $382.47 per case, or $34.93 per bottle. Haven't seen a review of it (you could probably find some with a Google search), but I'd hold it for a few years anyway.

Welcome to the board.

- Innkeeper - 05-25-2003

My guess is that it will drink fine in the '07 to '08 timeframe.

- stevebody - 05-26-2003

Recently tasted a bottle at Esquin. Big wine with a touch of lanolin on the nose and a big, sweet limestone note on the palate. Blackberries, candied cherry, and stewed plum, along with a bit of graphite on the palate. Closed now but promises a nice graceful maturity in maybe '07-'09.