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- Spades - 01-22-2005

I was given 2 bottles of Domaine La Marianotte 1994 (Pessac Leognan - Grand Vin de Graves - S Lurton) as a wedding present in 1997.

When I asked a "wine expert" about the wine in 2002 he advised me not to drink it yet because it will improve with age, but am now unsure how long to leave it. I have scoured the internet but cannot find any advice anywhere!

Is it best to drink now, or wait longer? (if so, how long?).

Many thanks.

- Innkeeper - 01-22-2005

Hi Spades, and welcome to the Wine Board. Drink 'em up.

- winoweenie - 01-22-2005

The "Expert " must have been related to the Investment Expert who advised us to buy Enron. WW

- Thomas - 01-23-2005

Oh boy--drink that thing right away.