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- TheEngineer - 03-23-2005

Another second....raiding that stack of 2000's a bit too much but ....still better than prying open it's big brother's case...

This one is pretty good too!
Ruby garnet in color. Nose of berries, and some wood. Taste is the same with the addition of a strong minerality, more gravel than soil, with some coffee. Big flavors and a good balance in the tannins and the acid. Very approachable now.

Now the hard way for a few more before looking for its brother.

- winoweenie - 03-24-2005

E-Bubba youse do believe in infanticide done you? WW

- TheEngineer - 03-24-2005

Weakness is my biggest weakness............

I don't have anywhere near the wine memory or knowledge of youse drinkers so I'm trying to gain them by drinking everything in sight....Tongue I need to know what good wine is and what bad wine young wine tastes and what over the hill wine taste like. I guess I'm trying to build up a reference library of taste and wine least that my story and I'm sticking to it. [img][/img]

- Kcwhippet - 03-24-2005

It also helps if you keep notes. I try to but I often just forget, and I often don't remember if I've had the wine before when I taste it. My wife, on the other hand, has a great palate and a remarkable palate memory. She claims to not know anything about wine, but if she has a wine she's tried before, she remembers it and she can frequently tell about how long ago she had it. She can usually tell what the grapes are in it just by the taste, as well as where it comes from. One grape she really doesn't care for is Grenache, and if I give her a wine with as little as 5% Grenache, she knows it and tells me so. Truly remarkable.

- TheEngineer - 03-24-2005

Got notes...been saving those in an excel sheet so that I can sort them whenever I need.

While it is long, it only reminds me of how much I have not yet sampled......patience....I need patience....

- winoweenie - 03-24-2005

E you're really into the same regimum I went into back in the early 70s'. Keep on keepin'-on. It's the funnist thing you can do and stay outta' jail.(With a DD ). WW