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- Hogan1 - 09-12-2004

I won this wine several years ago and was interested in its value today.

- hotwine - 09-12-2004

Welcome to the board. Suggest you query You'll see several retail sources for that wine; but the value of yours would be heavily dependent on provenance.... proof of pristine storage since release. If it was properly cellared prior to you winning it, and you immediately stored it under proper conditions and kept it there until now, and have some way of demonstrating that.... then it should have value. But if you've had it upright in your kitchen pantry for several years, it's probably long dead.

- winoweenie - 09-12-2004

Hi Hogie and welcome to the board. The wine is currently retailing from 275 to 325 per bottle. The provenance as stated above is paramount. 'Twill be very difficult to peddle a single bottle of wine, howm-so-ever. WW