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- VouvrayHead - 05-09-2009

I presage this with the warning that I know virtually nothing about bordeaux, and don't drink all that much Cab or Merlot...

This wine is showing nicely. cherry and blackberry and flowers on a lovely nose. Notes of cherry, currant, tobacco and graphite in the mouth with plenty of acidity, though all in balance. Lots of fine tannins in the background make me think it will stick around, though the body is maybe a little bit thin. That said, pretty much all I could ask for in a $14 dinner wine.

55% cab, 40% merlot, 5% p.v.

I got to try 5 or 6 under $20 2003 bordeaux when they arrived on the market, and this was my favorite. I'm glad it's doing well, as I pushed quite a few to our customers! [img][/img]

- winoweenie - 05-09-2009

Holy-Katrina VH iffn' you done' drink Bordeaux, Cab or Merlot what the blue-Blazes be left? WW [img][/img]

- VouvrayHead - 05-10-2009

I know! Something's got to be wrong with me!

Just for a lark, I just checked my cellartracker consumption by varietal for the last 5 months. Merlot and Cab are tied for 9th!
True to my name, Chenin was first [img][/img]
Pinot was highest red.

Cellartracker is a useful tool for this sort of thing.

But it can't fix taste. [img][/img]