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- hotwine - 07-26-2006

Pulled this one for a very conventional pairing with beef potroast, mashers, brocolli, yellow squash. Opened an hour before dinner but did not decant; no sediment noted. Gorgeous bright red fruit with a touch of cedar on the nose, more of the same on the palate with a tad of saddle leather, whiff of dark chocolate showing up on the moderate finish. Danged bottle is way too small! 13% alc/vol and $16 at Costco in '03. Seems to be coming into its prime.

- brappy - 07-26-2006

Always tooooooo small....

- winoweenie - 07-27-2006

One of the fine 2nd labels. Probably needs another 2-3. 'Bout time to start popping some of the 2nd line 00s'. WW

- hotwine - 09-02-2006

Popped another tonight to accompany grilled ribeyes, steamed brocolli and fresh sweet corn on the cob. Poured two hours before dinner but not decanted. Same notes as a month or so ago, but seems more intense now, with more pronounced cedar, pencil shavings showing up, red fruit is still bright as ever, moderately long finish. I could drink this stuff all night! Ribeyes were seared over oak in 102F heat but the misery was brief, knowing what was to come. Focus on the objective and attack!

- Innkeeper - 12-31-2006

We popped our '97 tonight, bought from Pops in '00 for around $15. We were a little late on this one. The good news is it wasn't corked or dead. Still drank nicely with sauteed loin ends coverd with Morton Rum, baked potatoes, and green beans almondine. Very nice Saturday Night dinner.

- hotwine - 12-31-2006

Had another with beef tenderloin for Christmas dinner, along with a Pine Ridge Rutherford cab. The Fiefs far out-did the PR, and earlier notes still apply. Maybe the PR is napping.... but only have one bottle left anyway.