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- hotwine - 02-09-2011

WW will stay clear of this one.... a very feminine Chardonnay from the Maconnaise region of Burgundy, flits around on the palate like a featherweight ballerina; an excellent expression of the grape without any discernible influence of oak. Superb with skinless chicken breasts coated with flour and bread crumbs and sprinkled with lemon zest and grated parmesan, then sauteed in EVOO. Sides were steamed black rice and green salad, dessert a single Girardelli 72% square. Wonderful! 13% alc/vol and $15.99 at Costco.

If you're accustomed to oaky New World Chardonnays, you won't like this. Don't buy it! Leave it all for me.

- wondersofwine - 02-09-2011

Sounds good, HW. I may try the chicken breast recipe too.

- Innkeeper - 02-09-2011

That is chicken parmesan as it should be, not the gloppy tomato and moots stuff you get in many so called Italian restaurants. It even sounds suspiciously like my recipe!

- hotwine - 02-09-2011

Turns out it was an Oprah recipe. Go figure. See it at It's called "Lemon Chicken Scaloppine in Pine Nut Parmesan Crust." Looks like I left out a few ingredients, like pine nuts, basil, butter, eggs.... what the hell, nobody's perfect.

Had another bottle of the PF tonight with chicken pot pie; wunderbar indeed.