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- Kcwhippet - 04-09-2003

Had a 1999 Stuhlmuller Alex Vly Chard tonight with dinner. I have one thing to say - WOW!

- winoweenie - 04-09-2003

Answer him Wonders! [img][/img] WW [img][/img]

- Kcwhippet - 04-10-2003

This one had enough stuffing to satisfy even you, WW --- maybe.

- Thomas - 04-10-2003

Nah, the only stuffing to satisfy that codger is in a turkey. I just wanted to say that so I can use my new-found talent [img][/img]

KC, if you can get Plunkett Blackridge Chardonnay (Victoria--Aussie) give it a try. No wood, but a hell of a lot of fuit and substance.

- Thomas - 04-10-2003

...that's a 2001 vintage...

- culinart - 04-30-2003

I want to try both but the unwooded Plunkett Blackridge is the one I want to try the MOST!!! Going to the liquor store now and I'm hoping I can find it there. How would you compare this to the Banrock Station, which is also unwooded....and one which I enjoyed immensely. Thanks foodie. [img][/img]

Thanks you too kcw! Aaaaaw come ooooooon WW, we can convert you to a white wine lover, cant we? Or is there a better chance that wine will one day flow from our tap before WW will praise white wines like red [img][/img]


- Thomas - 05-01-2003

Culinart: to me, the Banrock Station is an easy-drinking-no-offense kind of wine. The Plunkett has a lot more fruit and crispness and, generally, things going on in there to awake the senses.

- wondersofwine - 05-01-2003

Wonders is answering. I want to know what elicited the WOW! Big aroma and taste--smoothness, what? A couple chardonnays that have elicited wows from me in the past are the Sonoma-Cutrer Le Cutrer (not the Russian Rivers Ranch version)and Alex Gambal's 1999 Chassagne-Montrachet Clos St. Jean. (I also was greatly attracted to his 1999 village Meursault which struck me as a character-istic French chardonnay with all the right character.) The other French chardonnays that have really impressed me have been mostly grand cru wines (at tastings--not purchased) and I rarely drink California chard anymore. In fact, I have probably about ten bottles that are just sitting around waiting to deteriorate that I should give away to someone that likes CA chard.