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- astroud83 - 11-02-2010

I am not typically a huge fan of chardonnay. THIS is enjoyable. Crisp, dry, and clean. Not as much of a buttery taste as a typical chardonnay. this is more typical of the Macon region in Burgundy. Nutty and citrus flavors. Yummy!


- Innkeeper - 11-02-2010

Welcome to the Wine Board Allison. This and the Beaujolais-Villages are perennial favorites.

- astroud83 - 11-02-2010

Thanks very much! I was excited to find this website/forum. I'm still a bit of a newbie, but am excited to taste and chat with some of the experts!


- Thomas - 11-02-2010


As a newbie, take the following as an attempt at giving you something to think about:

There are typical wine styles that come from typical wine regions and producers, but there is no such thing as a typical Chardonnay, which comes to us in many styles and from many regions and producers.

In short: don't rule out a wine by the name of its grape variety, because each wine is an individual.