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- RAD - 09-14-2000

Last night my wife and I had the pleasure of dining at Veritas in NYC with a friend of ours who is the National Sales Manager for a high-end CA winery. I had a wine in mind for dinner (see my post under Italian for a review of that if you're interested), but wanted her to select the wine for the appetizer.

She is fond of white burgundies, with which I'm a total neophyte. We had the wine above, which is supposedly very good, but I'm afraid that, in this case, I fall squarely in winoweenie's camp in that this was most definitely a sissy white (my wife did like it). Suffice to say that I'm not a chablis fan.

While I didn't take notes, I recall the wine being somewhat acidic, not oaky in the slightest, having a clean finish, but not too fruity, just kind of blah. My apologies for the sophomoric jargon, but I just could not find anything interesting in this wine.

Of course I know that taste is subjective, blah blah blah, and that expensive wines don't guarantee that it is good, but I guess if I want to step down from a rockem-sockem red, I like a more full-bodied white, like a chardonnay.

But I'm willing to be enlightened, which is why I'm waxing verbose here--is there anything in particular to look for with this type of wine?