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- newsguy - 02-14-2011

($19.99) Pear definitely leads the way, plus some smoke, apples and spice. Decent finish. Plenty of acidity. Fairly tight on day one. Opened up considerably after recorked half bottle in fridge overnight. Nose and flavors became much bigger on day two, and finish lengethened and got a little creamy. Acid toned down, and touch of pineapple disappeared and the smokiness really came into the forefront. Give this a year or so, I'd say. 87/88. Nice wine, but not a good value at the price I paid.

- Innkeeper - 02-14-2011

This used to be one of our favorites until the oak became too strong for us.

- wondersofwine - 02-15-2011

I've had their Pinot Noir a time or two but I don't think I've tried the Chardonnay. I find Bouchaine Chardonnay to be rather nice at the price point.