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- Innkeeper - 08-09-2003

2001 Travis, Monterey, Chardonnay, Unfiltered, Riverview Vineyard ($13 Belfast Coop). The following is printed on the back label: "This wine is NOT fermented or aged in new oak, to preserve its brilliant fruit character. The wine is NOT inoculated for malolactic fermentation to guard its racy, refreshing natural acidity." Now you know why I bought it!

They also say it was made from very ripe grapes which must be true to achieve the 15% alcohol! The fruit and acid overcome this barrier nicely. A bombastic blast of fruit including apples and overripe pears meet the nose and tongue tip. A complex swirl of more fruit, acid, and alcohol cross the palate, and the finish lingers. Just about the most acid we've ever found in a chardonnay; almost like a riesling. It (the acid) was just about too much for the haddock in cream sauce. Went better with the salad and by itself afterward.

Recommend this wine if you can find it. Hardly know how it ended up in Belfast, ME. Recommend drinking it with the same sort of foods you would accompany with riesling or sauvignon blanc.

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- Bucko - 08-09-2003

15% alcohol! No thanks.

- Innkeeper - 10-15-2003

Had another bottle tonight with leftover smoked turkey, oven baked stuffing, and gravy in a large pie dish covered with foil, warmed in a 350 degree F. oven for half an hour. Absolutly grand with a nice vinaigrette salad. Wine not drunk with salad; just before and after. All very, very nice.

- Georgie - 10-16-2003

OOH..racy wine...that would be the highlight of my week! Sounds delicious.

- winedope1 - 10-16-2003

sounds great, IK. If you got it up there, maybe I can find it here... WD

- Innkeeper - 10-17-2003

Although this wine is evidentally widely distributed, it is somewhat of a mystery wine. The label indicates that they are located in Livermore CA. However, they are not members of the Livermore Winegrowers Association. Nor can the winery be found on Google; just the wines. Therefore I suspect that this is a second or another brand of one of the larger outfits in the area such as Wente Bros. Does anyone have any knowledge or other ideas.