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- winophite - 11-15-2006

Having just getting off the novice thread and reading the decant question discussed about white burgundies;I going to put this in the fridge right now and drink this evening. I have no idea if it should be oakey or fruity or what but I'll know later!

- wondersofwine - 11-15-2006

Most St Aubin is only mildly oaked. Let us know what yours is like.

- winophite - 11-16-2006

Nice dry white, colored similar to bright yellow gold. My wife thought she smelled freshly mixed yeast; yeah sorta, I got more of a pinapple, tropical fruit. Pears as the wine warmed.
Tasted sweet apple under the front tounge with a mildly warm spiceyness beneath and to the sides. Kind of a lemony tartness in mid mouth ending with a little pucker in the throat. Left a hint of sweetness on the lips.
An hour or so after opening the bouquet chasnged more prominately toward pear. The apple also stood out more and the pucker seemed to contain both lemon and pineapple.
I think
I saved a 12 once bottle filled and capped to rethink the wine tonight.

- TheEngineer - 11-16-2006

Nice notes...almost makes me wanna pull a red tonight....nah...too much work to do...stick with reds...