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- wondersofwine - 07-27-2004

Pale yellow-green color. Perhaps too chilled at the restaurant--muted nose but pleasing on the palate. Not woody--almost like a sauvignon blanc or a less flinty Chablis with its crispness. Lacks complexity but is enjoyable as a simple aperitif or as an accompaniment to my Greek salad and very delicious lobster ravioli at Trio Cafe. Slightly glycerol mouthfeel, slightly astringent on the finish. Would rate as good+ and probably the best choice on the wine list for my meal selections. I enjoyed two glasses and then finished off with a Port with dessert.
(Last time I requested the Pouilly Fuisse here they were out of it and I ended up with a Silverado Sauvignon Blanc that was so woody I couldn't drink it. Much better with the Pouilly Fuisse this time).