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- winoweenie - 12-18-2006

very generous hubby and my granddaughter yesterday. When they were building their new home in Carefree I made sure they put in a proper wine cellar. They had gotten the bug several years earlier (94 I think) so they had put together some impressive vintages of Napa cabs. Ron my SIL opened the following; 2 bottles of 94 Insignias, 94 Cain 5, and one 94 Stags Leap SLV. All were neat but the consensus winner was the Phelps followed by the SLV. Have posted on both of these many times so was more intent on getting my fair pour than tasting notes. With those 3 along with my GDs' boyfriend it tested this ole' guys reflexes to grab the bottle. Had a great time. One note to anyone with the Cain 5... Break them suckers out and drinkem'. On the downsnort and fading fast. WW