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- Innkeeper - 01-30-2010

1996 Mayacamas, Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvighnon ($ unk, gift). Alcohol level: 12.5%!

We popped this one this evening. It was a gift from a friend several years ago, right after release. It measured up to all the comments we've heard. It drank as smoothly as cup of milk. It gave up smokey black cherries and plenty of tobacco. As it breathed it picked up an herbal quality as well. We had poured it through a sediment filter, but the last sip still had some not so bad fine tannin in it. It was a spectacular wine!

We matched with blue cheese slathered rib eye steak, sourdough bread, and salad. A much better than average Saturday night!

- winoweenie - 01-31-2010

Bob Travers made some of the most memorable wines I ever drank. Another of the early fine properties that got lost in the "Latest and Greatest NEW producer in Napa" syndrome. His 1970 is still on my list of top 5 best wines EVER in my whole-ever-lovin'-put-together. WW