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- dananne - 07-11-2005

This was brought by a guest to our porch party and consumed as one of a wide variety of wines during the evening. This one seemed a favorite of many folks. Decanted 15 minutes before pouring and through evening. Deep reddish color bordering on purple. This one screams "black currant" both in the juicy nose and in the gushing, jammy currant flavors that linger in a long, soft finish. The tannins seemed stripped away, leaving just gobs of fruit. A bit simple, perhaps, with little complexity, but a fun drink. 13.2% alc. Don't know what it costs.

- winoweenie - 07-12-2005

Just remembered I bought a case of this wine. Went back and sure enough I had a case of the 91 from Vintage wines. Paid 8 per in 93. I think it was either their 1st or 2nd vintage as they had been growers in Napa supplying the big boys. My notes mirrored yours and I scored it from the high 80s' to 90 thru the case. WW