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- winoweenie - 04-11-2004

Had this in the staging area sitting up as Marley Spud was coming over Sat and got called into work so opened the hummer. WOW! Very hard to define the difference between this and the Reserve. Maybe the finish is a little longer on the Reserve but this one hums. Balanced and with lovely aromatics that gives a hint of violets. solid entry with medium weight center and a fine 4-lapper finish. Couldn't find any hidden tannins so IMHO this sucker's rite at the top of its game. Enough strength to hold for another 5-8. 90/95. 19 by the box.13.5% alc.WW

- micpic8 - 05-17-2004

Hi winoweenie

I agree 100%. This bottle rated in the top 5 bottles of Mondavi wines I have had. I have 2 more to enjoy.