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- hotwine - 05-14-2003

Named for the late Tony Bell, an artist of the Texas Hill Country, this wine by his long-time friends Richard and Bonnie Becker of Fredericksburg, TX, is an honest Cab with excellent variental character - soft, supple fruit, sufficient tannins to give it modest legs, and about a 3-lapper finish (in WW's lingo). Served with barbecued brisket, red spuds, cole slaw, buttermilk rolls. 13% ABV and all of $8.48 at local Sam's Club. Wishin' more Texas wines were of this QPR.

- winoweenie - 05-15-2003

At under 9 AND a 3-lapper to boot puts this sucker on Drews' "Hit-List ". I can see Bucko Pouring it into some empty 1997 Insignia bottles he found at the local wine emporium and taking them partly empty over to his neighbors. (giggle,snort,giggle)ww

- Auburnwine - 05-15-2003

I am glad to see this report, and I wish that Texas wines were widely available.

I remember that the Llano Estacado white blend was quiet yummy as was their fragrant, floral Columbard. It looks like Texas reds have moved ahead of the whites, however.

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