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- winoweenie - 07-21-2006

so rather than risk just harming me-own-self I called BigRedWine and as the price was rite we met yesterday at the club for lunch. The orphan in question was a 1978 (yeapo 78!) Beringer Private Reserve. This was the 2nd vintage of this wine and Myron Nightgale had a better handle on the blend from the many vineyards owned by this venerable producer. Opened, decanted, and all three of us were pretty astonished to see a brite ruby liquid that looked closer to 8 than 28. Floral, spicy, tobacco leaf, with a touch of bakers cocoa. Everthing came over on the palate along with a large dose of mature fruit. After 15 minutes in the glass rather than starting to fade this hummer had the audacity to actually expand the finish to a solid 4&1/2 to 5 lapper finish. An astonishing wine. Classic in all aspects and looking back found it was dad-burned expensive....18.50 American per bottle. WW ( Had brought a back-up bottle just in case. 1993 Arrowood. It was slighly overshadowed by the Beringer but was outstanding on its' own.)

- wondersofwine - 07-21-2006

A nice orphan to adopt.

- brappy - 07-21-2006

Wow, what a great day! Gotta love it when everything just falls in line.........

- bigredwines - 07-22-2006

Wow was I surprised by this bottle.I must admit my concern with the age of this wine.Was it going to vinagar? no way,was a perfect cork,brite ,bold and brillant plum.finely balanced.what a treat to enjoy wine this age that was soooo good.The finish was a 5 . don't have any better way to describe the finish than the wine made your lips stick to your teeth for a long time.
The arrowwood was mighty fine also.totaly different.jammy and chewy..was a lovely afternoon with my friend,.thanks www!