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- winoweenie - 10-11-2000

Almost didn`t make this post but decided to do it in the hopes some of you might get some, Just had my first honest-to-goodness 5-lapper in over a year.This wine has everything a wine can possibly contain and then some. This is Donns` new winemakers first effort at a great bottling. 87% cab,9% petite verdot, and 4% cab franc. I swear the finish lasted over 90 seconds. An expensive bottle, but in Curmy`s words, " If a $ 100 bottle of wine tastes like $200 , It`s a Best-Buy". There are a few cases out on pre-sold, so try to find it before the 99/100 rating hits the stands. winoweenie

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- Bucko - 10-11-2000

You didn't list a price, young man, snap to!

Penniless in Seattle

- winoweenie - 10-12-2000

Buckster, Still in the fog I see. If You missed the quote by Curmy.... The reason I posted was that on the few cases out on pre-release the price is 65-70 bucks. When the Speculatore and Parkinshon`s ratings hit the release price will be 100 or more. WW

- Bucko - 10-12-2000

Yeah, but for only $59 bucks I can have a bottle of Lynch Bages...... These high end Cabs have lost me as a consumer.


- RAD - 10-12-2000

Hey WW, I was browsing in Garnet Wines here in NYC after work today, when I saw a Chappellet wine and remembered your post. Was $30--turned out it was merely their Napa Cabernet, and not the "Pritchard Hill" $110 designation. Oh well, I'll give it a whirl.

On another cabernet note: I've been a big fan of Justin, and have about a case of their 97 cab, and a few bottles of their Isosceles meritage, which I REALLY liked. Lo and behold, I open up this month's WS, and find out they give the Isoceles a 95! Suffice to say, you can't get it in NYC anymore--I called every wine shop in the city trying to track some down, to no avail--they said it flew out the door. If you can find it, try it--you won't be disappointed.

- winoweenie - 10-13-2000

Rad, You`re rite-on on the Justin wines. I`ve been a fan of the Justins for the last 4 vintages. The 94, 95, 96 and 97 Isosocles are all super wines. Have put down 2 6-packs of the 97. I`ll be opening a 94 after we get the
92 `s finished. winoweenie

- RAD - 12-24-2000

Well, WW, the WS verdict is out. Jimbo Laube has blessed it with a 93. Read on:

Pritchard Hill Estate Vineyard Napa Valley 1997
93 points
1,150 cases made

"Chappellet's been making some excellent wines of late and merits a careful look. This debut bottling of the Pritchard Hill Estate Vineyard couldn't have come from a better vintage. In a year when wineries were blessed with both quality and quantity, Chappellet took grapes from the Pritchard Hill Vineyard, located on the eastern slope of the Napa Valley. A blend of 87 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, 9 percent Petit Verdot, and 4 percent Cabernet Franc, it's dark, ripe and concentrated, with pretty currant, plum, black cherry, roasted coffee and leather flavors tightly woven together, finishing with lively acidity and firm tannins."

I picked up a 6-pack here in NYC awhile back as part of a mixed case, which drove the per-bottle price down to about $71. Haven't popped the cork on one yet.


- winoweenie - 12-25-2000

Hi Rad and Happy holidays! Glad you got some of this exquis` juice. I`ve been a fan of Donn Chappellet and his wines since the marvelous 74. The 75 IMHO was even better but he hit a cold spell in the 80`s. It took the 90`s for him to get back on stride. He has a marvelous property and his wife Molly is a wonderful cook and person. So beat me up. I missed the rating by 6 pernts! I stand by my original assessment. A swarm of Locusts on Laube. I said before that Drew had a superior palate, WW

- Drew - 12-25-2000

Is that a compliment?


- winoweenie - 12-26-2000

Yes Drewski, But Just! WW