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- gary - 12-30-2001

Many folks ask questions about the lifespan of red wine, so i'd like to add just one of my experiences to the mix. A few weeks back I purchased a 1978 Lambert Bridge Sonoma Cty Cabernet Sauv. The $13.00 was an everyday gamble in the wine world. The result was, the wine needed many hours of "breathing", but finally "opened" into an "80" in my book. So, the moral is...explore and you will be pleasantly surprised at times.

- winoweenie - 12-31-2001

Hi Gary. Paint yourself lucky. Most of the 78s' have gone to the ole' vinegar barrel in the sky. WW

- gary - 01-01-2002

I agree. Last night, I opened another bottle of the same wine, 'cept it is a 1982 cab sauv. I took a small sip, tasted a little musty. I poured it into a decanter and it is still breathing. I'll report on that one next. Thanx for the reply and Happy New Year to all.

- Kcwhippet - 01-02-2002


What sort of place would have a 78 LB Cab on the shelf for $13? Where is this magical CT wine shop?

- winoweenie - 01-02-2002

KC.... Ask Drew. WW

- Drew - 01-02-2002

I'm not telling!! [img][/img]


- gary - 01-03-2002

KC, the name of the place is RYAN"S package store in Rockville,CT. The owners mom tells me her son has placed many of the higher end wines on the web, due to his location being pretty much a "budweiser" culture. He also has some 1988 LB's on the rack. Good luck.

- Kcwhippet - 01-05-2002

Easy to find, Gary. I used to live in Tolland and get down that way every so often. Thanks.