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- winoweenie - 01-09-2008

Decided I needed a cab or som,ething besides pinot last nite so opened this baby. Brite ruby. Nose came on after 30 minutes in the glass. Floral, red fruits, and sweet spice, maybe cardamon?, with a dash of vanilla. Soft entry, solid center and a 4 lapper finish. Didn't detect any sign of tannin. A solid effort that seems to be near TTOIG. 90/90 40 by the box. 14.1% ALC. ww

- TheEngineer - 01-09-2008

It's been almost a 4 months since I last went to Napa and it's like I'm feeling Withdrawl symptoms. I use to like going to Flora Springs cuz it was close to Dean and Delucas too (at lease I remember it that way) and I could also jump over to V. Sattui. I need to get out there again..... aren't there any needy clients on the west coast anymore?????

- wondersofwine - 01-09-2008

I find Sonoma so much nicer to visit (although I do like Wine Country Inn in the Napa area.)

- TheEngineer - 01-11-2008

WoW, I really like both areas as well. Last time up, we stayed up in Cornerstone Garden's cottage which is just across from Gloria Ferrer. So we went trapezing through the wineries from this base.

For me the foreigner,..I end up calling both these areas...... err.....Napaish area. Sonoma has jsut too many syllabuls for my verbal skills, especially if I'm tasting and not spitting. [img][/img]

More antiques in Sonoma as well which I'm not sure why, but more and more money seems to be headed towards......been buying Song Dynasty (500BC or so) wine vessels to accompany the other wine vessels that I've been buying.....

- winoweenie - 10-20-2010

Had another of these beauties last nite. My what a difference a couple of yars make. Nose has developed swimmingly. A boat-load of the good stuff hits the schnozz and fills the room. Floral, spicy, fruity stuiff is ererywhere. All hit the palate in a seamless stream. This hummer is singing my song. Holding beautifully but has to be dead on TTOIG. Nice to be back in the game. WW